CNY 2021 Bento Sets

Basic Bento Sets, Deluxe Bento Sets and Premium Lacquer Boxes

CNY 2021 Mini Buffets

Mini Buffet Sets, Party Boxes
and Do-It-Yourself Buffets

CNY 2021 Side Orders

Cakes, Sweet Treats,
Yu Sheng & Side Dishes

Deluxe Bento Sets

Bento Sets (Lunch / Dinner)
$8.00 to $15.00 for a minimum of 10 sets.

Breakfast Bento Sets

Breakfast Bento Sets $12.80/pax
For Minimum 15 pax

Daily Bento Meals

Monday to Sunday Menus
Promo: 10% Discount for orders Min 40pax

Healthier  Lunch Box

Healthier Choice Lunch Box (Min 10pax)
(Less Oil, Less Fat & Less Salt)

Family Set Mini Buffet

$118/Set ($126.26 w/ GST) For Minimum 8pax
$148/Set ($158.36 w/ GST) For Minimum 10pax

Executive Bentos

Deluxe & Premium Bento sets ranging from
$10.00 to $13.00 for minimum of 20 sets.

Packet Meals & Bentos

Bento Sets and Foam Boxes ranging from
$3.50 to $8.00 for a minimum of 20 sets.

Packet Snacks

Snack Packs ranging from
$3.00 to $8.00 for a minimum of 20 sets.

Premium Lacquer Boxes

Premium Lacquer Box Bento
$25.00/ Set ($26.75 w/GST) Min 10pax

Deluxe Lacquer Boxes

Deluxe Lacquer Box Bento
$20/pax ($20.12 w/GST) Min 10pax

Mini Buffets

For Minimum 12 pax
(Served in Disposable / Aluminum Trays)

Japanese Bentos

Japanese Bento Sets ranging from
$6.80 to $7.80 for a minimum of 20 sets.

Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak Packet Meals for Min. 30pax
and Nasi Lemak Mini Buffets for Min. 12pax

Nasi Tumpeng Sets

Nasi Tumpeng Mini Buffets
For Minimum 15 pax

Side Orders

Additional Ala Carte Items
For Minimum 12 pax

Dim Sum Buffets

$16 ($17.12 w/GST) For min 30pax
Suitable For Breakfast, Lunch & Afternoon Tea

Fusion Asian Buffets

Fusion Asian Buffets ranging from $7.80
( $8.35 w/GST) to $26.80 ($28.68 w/GST)
for a minimum of 30 pax

Peranakan Buffets

Peranakan Buffets ranging from $11.80
( $12.62 w/GST) to $28.80 ($30.82 w/GST)
for a minimum of 20 pax

International Buffets

International Buffets ranging from $11.80
( $12.62 w/GST) to $32.80 ($35.10 w/GST)
for a minimum of 30 pax

Tea Receptions

Tea Reception Buffet ranging from $3
($3.21 w/GST) to $15 ($16.05 w/GST)

Corporate Seminar Catering

Sizeable casual or corporate packages ensure elegant meals are on the menu for half or full-day events.

Corporate Half Day Seminar

Sizeable casual or corporate packages ensure elegant meals are on the menu for half or full-day events.

Live Stations

Our expert onsite chefs prepare a range of live to order local & international cuisines including nonya kueh pie tee and roti prata dishes.

Healthier Choice Buffets

Healthier Choice Buffet Lunch, Dinner & Tea Reception Buffets

Chinese Vegetarian Buffets

Chinese Vegetarian Buffet

Butler & Cocktail Buffets

Butler & Cocktail Tea Reception

Corporate Buffets

Corporate Buffet Lunch and Dinner Menus

Premium Buffets

Butler & Cocktail Tea Reception

BBQ Cum Buffets

Unrivalled smoked or flame grilled feasts pair seamlessly with intimate outdoor gatherings for family or corporate events.

Breakfast Catering

We offer American Breakfast  Buffet
$16.00 ( $17.12 w/GST)
for  minimum of 35 pax.

Baby Full Month

Delectable sweets and cakes help celebrate your baby’s first haircut, set of clothes, new name & of course, the end of mum’s month-long confinement.

Wedding Packages

Our complete, comprehensive wedding service includes food, drink, custom meals as well as furniture and decorations.

Chinese Banquet

All dishes prepared using Healthier Oils

At eatz Catering services Pte Ltd we recognise that some of our customers and their guests could suffer from common allergies to foods like peanuts, gluten, butter, milk, cheese and more. Although we work hard to create the highest quality foods possible, we cannot guarantee that our meals will be free of these ingredients.

This essentially means that, due to our preparation environment and supplier methods, we are not able to offer allergy-friendly catered meals. In addition to this, our team is not able to effectively remove individual ingredients from our catered foods.

We thank you for considering eatz Catering Services and apologise for any inconvenience.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

The Management